We're paving the way for
flourishing startups.

What We Offer

Our goal is to make sure your business 

succeeds, while setting a precedent for sustainability and 

transparency in the business landscape.

State of the art facilities

At Eclore, you’ll have access to an array of equipment, ranging from digital 3D protoyping to chemistry labs. If we don’t have what you need, we work with you to find alternative solutions. 

Beakers containing ambiguous greenery in a refrigerated space.
Two men sit side by side in business attire in a brightly lit living room, looking over a latop.

Professional advising

Questions? Uncertainties? We’ve got you covered with advisors and mentors from a variety of industries. We also offer workshops and courses for those who want to expand their skillsets.

A community of entrepeneurs

Late nights and hard work may wear you down, but you’re not in it alone. No matter how small your team may be, you’re surrounded by like minds and exposed to new ideas on the daily. 

A group of women crafting in a meeting